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I'm not very good at this game. :'(
Or uploading correctly.
safe1613204 artist:thedrizzle40454 edit122879 edited edit2426 sunset shimmer58812 pony880869 unicorn284271 anarcho-syndicalism7 arrow1955 bipedal31622 choker10245 clothes424864 edit of an edit of an edit126 female1283806 flag3544 flag pole112 grin34515 hoof hold7622 jacket11335 jewelry55072 leather jacket3024 looking at you152091 mare438547 meme79553 signature20693 smiling223961 solo1001408 squee1928 standing upright29 text53436 this cat is gay and there's nothing you can do about it14 victoria 210 video game4656


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Background Pony #26F4
Feels comfy until you've got everything but one province occupied, your army's wiped out, and your neighbors declaring war on you, despite there being no popular demand for any reforms.
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Jokes on you, I always keep a loyal army in my max fort capital! They may take literally everything else, but they will never win in the long run.
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