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Inspired by Mango Island's epic journey through MLP music, I felt compelled to compile my own list. I only went up to 20 (to make it more elite), and was amazed by how many great songs I had to leave out. Truly this show has blessed us with its soundtrack.

In my top 20, I have tried to balance the artistry of the lyrics and musical arrangement (the extent to which it's "a good song") with the impact of the song in the context of its episode/film, season, and the show itself. My list is inevitably very personal to me, and betrays my marked preference for Equestria Girls, and my addiction to sappy, gooey emotional stuff!

We count downwards. Here's songs 15-11.
safe1552162 edit114111 edited screencap53625 screencap194414 applejack157026 autumn blaze3180 diamond tiara9566 flash sentry11915 fluttershy195503 rainbow dash216897 twilight sparkle278965 crusaders of the lost mark1577 equestria girls176458 equestria girls (movie)6306 equestria girls series27945 may the best pet win698 so much more to me130 sounds of silence3221 a kirin tale124 collage1174 crying39373 find a pet39 geode of fauna1282 guitar4279 helping twilight win the crown370 list314 magical geodes6493 musical instrument6747 the pony i want to be64 top 20 g4 songs4


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