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suggestive167352 artist:charliexe425 sunset shimmer70785 equestria girls228234 babydoll310 beautiful6575 beautisexy1208 bedroom eyes69968 belly button92527 breasts329332 clothes540252 curtains3047 female1554608 garter742 legs10070 lidded eyes37098 lingerie12056 looking at you207355 negligee102 nightgown1665 panties56123 reasonably sized breasts2015 see-through6248 sexy36001 show accurate22637 solo1225729 solo female201593 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1181 thighs20432 underwear68804


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Background Pony #329F
SceneYou and Sunset have dated for a long time now. You went to a mall for some fashion shopping.
You: “Sunset, what’s the hold up? I wanna how you look!”
Sunset Shimmer: (Shoots an embarrassed look of protest) “I’m not coming out! I look ridiculous!”
You: “I’ll be the judge of that.” (You shot her a flirty grin) “C’mon, for me, sweetie?”
Sunset Shimmer: “Ok. Ok.” (Steps out with the babydoll she was wearing, complete with the garter) “So, how do I look?” (Shivering from the cold)
You: “Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! It’s perfect on you!”
Sunset Shimmer: (Blushes and smiled shyly) “You really think so? Oh!” (You kissed her lovingly)
Background Pony #5BAE
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Pinkie’s needs to be punished; the trick is finding something she wouldn’t find fun, Denial is the only thing that comes to mind.