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Rick: "Not Johnny! No!"

Twilight: "Don't run, fellows. By becoming part of the Herd, you'll live a much better life than before. Muahahahahahahahaha!"

safe1554862 artist:horsesplease721 applejack157203 fluttershy195710 pinkie pie201326 rainbow dash217148 rarity167866 twilight sparkle279717 alicorn190804 galarian ponyta57 horse2803 mudsdale44 ponyta135 wooloo32 3d60884 assimilation177 blast492 doge227 epona498 evil grin3733 gmod6943 grin32168 imminent assimilation12 invasion104 join the herd95 magic64469 magic blast862 mane six28954 pokémon8392 smiling209685 the legend of zelda3467 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679 wat18486 welcome to the herd103


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