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Starlight: Ok! I'll take a shot in 3-2-1! (says very quickly)
Twilight: Wa? Whoa! Wait!

Just 3 book horses had an great idea to combine a studying with activities

Geek Stuff:
Sunset Shimmer and Twilight and Lyra from NexGen
Boots and other clothing:!pE1VmIbb!gjmcZpqIZL4mfPPeDCA0IYelSW6yEKuAgwbRuMS9lLk
Towel, ball, surfing board:
Books,umbrella from SBMP:!J3J0ECJY!kko39u7u1XbhIjHVsgF99969A4jBt4DxQ7a2L_-HgjQ

See ya!
suggestive126347 artist:whiteskyline90 lyra heartstrings27503 sci-twi21750 sunset shimmer56735 twilight sparkle280027 alicorn191331 anthro226270 unicorn258266 3d61126 anklet737 armpits41269 barefoot23850 beach12484 bedroom eyes50588 book30181 boots18324 breasts235281 busty sci-twi447 busty sunset shimmer4439 busty twilight sparkle10361 clothes401781 duo focus677 feet33909 looking at you140792 palm tree1064 shoes29063 sneakers4610 source filmmaker36789 sunscreen423 surfboard635 swimsuit24249 toe ring461 tree26906 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113860


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