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suggestive128185 artist:toonbat254 big macintosh26883 smolder6606 oc605901 oc:chug-a-lug19 anthro230765 chest fluff32580 clothes409665 crossdressing8678 cup5530 dress39583 hat76726 hedge92 not sure if want171 orchard blossom217 outdoors7572 princess smolder171 sugarcube178 sun hat696 tea party561 teacup2604


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It's mostly just the cut of his dress. Plus the way he pulls his shoulders close together squeezes his pecs against each other, which adds a little to the effect.
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@Background Pony #A443
I think it's supposed to be a little bit incomprehensible.

If they were drinking coffee, the usual punchline to the joke would be "I like my coffee black, like my men" (I think it was a joke in Airplane), so bringing up the setup without the same punchline is kind of a cheeky way of alluding to that without being as explicitly crass.

But they're drinking tea, so it basically doesn't mean anything. We're supposed to be just as confused as Smolder.
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