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safe1690267 artist:musicfirewind229 starlight glimmer48171 sunburst6630 trixie66910 pony951901 unicorn316377 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 bed40367 bisexual5425 female1348167 glasses60946 husband and wife1503 inconvenient trixie316 lesbian95864 lesbian in front of boys432 love triangle400 male367300 mare473065 meme81483 polyamory6693 ponified meme913 shipping198025 smug5906 stallion106660 starburst1203 startrixburst78 straight134723 sunburst gets all the mares59


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Background Pony #7D1F
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sunburst and Moondancer are meant for eachother.

He's too good for Starlight.