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Baed on this.

Only happier, because who wouldn't be happy with that situation?
suggestive130620 artist:lightningbolt844 derpibooru exclusive24762 half-siren103 hybrid15734 equestria girls184665 belt4842 bring me the horizon343 clothes418569 curved horn6007 drop dead clothing174 duo51465 equestria girls-ified8707 fangs22157 fins847 fish tail317 grin33861 holding2652 hoodie12572 horn49118 imminent sex5443 implied gay1187 jeans3578 jewelry53788 kellin quinn309 lip piercing1024 looking at each other17307 male337612 meme79204 necklace16031 oliver sykes305 paint stains59 paintbrush1496 pants12707 piercing36009 scales948 seatbelt belt25 shirt21950 simple background353365 sleeping with sirens315 slit eyes4047 smiling220503 speech bubble20748 tattoo4783 transparent background183111 undershirt337


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I think the original couple were perfectly happy, it's just that one of them had a sense of shame. Good thing these two don't.
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That is super happy fish :V

Hey guys, did you knew that in terms of male colourful not!human and quadruped breeding…