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safe1614529 artist:1fresita47 twilight sparkle288151 alicorn205830 pony882186 adorable distress462 anatomically incorrect3897 blushing182382 chest fluff34291 curved horn6138 cute186067 ear fluff25290 featureless crotch6450 female1285221 flexible2025 floppy ears47791 frog (hoof)11024 gray background6290 high res23318 horn51853 incorrect leg anatomy1756 leg fluff2708 looking at you152391 mare439037 one eye closed27062 open mouth129717 pubic fluff3536 raised leg7056 simple background360742 solo1002648 spread legs17569 spreading17265 standing splits78 stretching2145 twiabetes10827 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118316 underhoof48047 wat18631 wink22663 yoga658


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Background Pony #308F
Since her front legs are legs, too, she could still partake in the trend just by lifting one of those.
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