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safe1691406 artist:1fresita153 twilight sparkle298662 alicorn221649 pony953128 adorable distress526 anatomically incorrect4110 blushing195061 chest fluff38285 curved horn6619 cute197646 ear fluff28871 featureless crotch6813 female1349318 flexible2107 floppy ears51549 frog (hoof)12615 gray background7025 high res27139 horn64457 incorrect leg anatomy1799 leg fluff2977 looking at you165851 mare473659 one eye closed30057 open mouth142726 pubic fluff3778 raised leg7617 simple background388317 solo1053893 spread legs18826 spreading18645 standing splits114 stretching2328 twiabetes11637 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123060 underhoof51382 wat19158 wink24368 yoga727


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Background Pony #308F
Since her front legs are legs, too, she could still partake in the trend just by lifting one of those.