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After School hours, Miss Cheerilee makes herself busy grading papers. Though she is glad no one is around, cause her girls need some relief, It’s been a long day.
questionable111934 artist:more-useless-source504 cheerilee10146 anthro270011 3d80539 absolute cleavage3657 alone401 areola19140 areola slip2014 big breasts86218 book34604 braless1097 breast overpour192 breasts289209 busty cheerilee746 buttons302 chalk565 chalkboard2938 classroom1684 cleavage35694 description is relevant860 desk3407 desk lamp38 detailed806 faceless female1786 female1404025 glasses64851 glue336 grading6 head out of frame573 high res33052 huge breasts40119 imminent wardrobe malfunction83 math838 offscreen character35799 paper3314 paper clip6 pen1251 pencil3785 pencil sharpener17 realistic2008 school1835 scissors1132 sexy30747 shiny2550 shiny skin174 sinfully sexy547 smiling261783 solo1095955 solo female183858 sunlight1335 writing1227


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Background Pony #BCF6
Cheerilee tries to keep her mind on grading papers, yet the increasing pressure mounting behind her breasts, stretching her shirt and ruining her bra, drags her to the forefront.