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OC fast sketch pic for NoIdeaForUsername

For the Derpibooru 2021 collab pics


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Also, maybe I was a little bit too impatient since some artists didn't replied too me, and with deadline approaching, I thought no one would help me out and I got scared… And yeah I f..ed up.. Again, sorry, I didn't meant anything bad or to use someone's kindness for my own benefits… Again, thanks to both of you, and because I was filled with messages, I swapped things up and mixed everything… I hope you understand… And very sorry for both of you…

Hello! I'm here… Gipink did one art… The problem was, I messaged multiple artists trying to find someone… And unexpectedly, MiniFeru replied and helped me… I didn't saw Gigpinks art on time and I had do decide between two arts (so I don't have two) it came to a missunderstanding (because I'm new here and don't know how this all works — stupid)… Again, I'm sorry and O made a mistake…
Lavender Love
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Yeah I was just about to say. Gigpink's art was posted 10 hours before you said you were willing to help out. All of you artists going out of your way to help people for nothing in return and some are taking advantage of that.