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suggestive168021 alternate version64762 artist:sugarlesspaints1933 princess celestia103321 alicorn265175 anthro305257 plantigrade anthro41274 areola23373 areola slip2398 barefoot31773 big breasts102095 bikini21821 blushing231499 breasts330314 busty princess celestia11902 choker16507 cleavage39741 cleavage fluff913 clothes541361 eating11251 feet47269 female1557701 food84062 foodplay1853 lidded eyes37225 looking at you207950 mare589965 pineapple pizza91 pizza2316 smiling316482 solo1228219 solo female201978 spread wings71045 suggestive eating586 swimsuit33901 toe ring801 wings163727


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How exactly is this explicit? Is it because of putting PINEAPPLE on the pizza? There’s some areola slip, but I think that falls under questionable?