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safe1973466 artist:strategypony237 sunny starscout12833 earth pony362371 pony1325521 g541098 absurd resolution71610 bipedal43835 dust454 earth pony crystal146 eyepatch3588 female1605227 frown28840 glowing12640 glowing eyes13670 holding4396 hoof hold10902 mare619311 metal gear1254 metal gear rising337 raiden167 solo1269763 sword13518 weapon36672 windswept mane3263


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Lincoln Brewster time
I responded to this in PM but I don’t get your huge issue with it…oh well it’s ok. :(
I’m not going to rag on too much because this is the comment section but that whole “good riddance” clause made me honestly lose a little bit of respect for you, unfortunately. I know we won’t always agree on everything but come on man D: ok I’m done
Deleted PM conversation because I don’t want to be constantly deflated by it. If you respond again please respond here, not in PM.