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Apple Books has uploaded a 2-page preview for issue 11 of the IDW My Little Pony G5 comics.
The issue is expected to be released on April 5.

safe2039560 artist:abby bulmer58 official comic2911 izzy moonbow15832 pipp petals14144 sunny starscout14859 zipp storm11319 earth pony388244 pegasus434067 pony1392820 unicorn475340 g549164 idw19010 spoiler:comic12774 spoiler:g5comic605 spoiler:g5comic1137 book40467 candle6312 cellphone6799 challenge307 chips964 female1660243 food91775 frown30706 hashtag220 headband4948 heart65880 jewelry97675 mare651739 nervous7660 open mouth208846 open smile20288 paper airplane116 phone10750 regalia31805 royal sisters (g5)1675 siblings17169 sisters14562 smartphone4466 smiling349852 speech bubble34174 unamused21757 varying degrees of want986 wavy mouth5030 worried5098 zipp storm is not amused272
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Jonny Manz
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I am who I am
Maybe it’s just what Zipp made up for a public account so she had something to give Pipp (and who knows, maybe to post occasionally in preparation for becoming queen one day - keep up appearances under order of Queen Haven), and her real account (which she uses to follow science and investigative accounts) is something she keeps secret from Pipp.
The other two’s accounts totally give off energy that they’re something they came up with.
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Why would she do that? I think it makes more sense that those are their canonical account names
Now to speculate on what Hitch’s would be
Well, Zipp doesn’t want to have anything to do with the internet. @stormyskies sounds like something Pipp made up for Zipp, to tease her about being such a wet blanket about social media.
I hope Sunny doesn’t mind being named after fake orange juice.