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My one and only problem with this is that Twi and Shining seem to be about the same age. The show has them much further apart. Still cute as anything.
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He could be a wizard/scholar with combat training for dangerous missions, and thus would wear armor sometimes.

Not everything is safe/can be brought back to town safely to study.


He strikes me more of the science or wizard guy-type that anything militaristic.

Spike is a royal assistant.Mac is a farmer,Soarin' is a Wonderbolt,Fancy Pants is a socialite,Filthy Rich is a business pony,Carrot Cake is a baker/confectioner,Blueblood is a prince.

I think we need a nerd/teacher/scholar in the mix.

And personally I have enough of royal guards with Shining Armor and Flash Sentry as it is.

Even with that…Hnnnngggg! this pic is all kinds of adorable!
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I don't really see their dad as serving in the royal guard. I always thought he was an astronomer and astronomy professor.