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Here she is. My Ex least favorite pony which I hated whole first season and liked her more and more later on :D
This piece took me some time because I never even tried to paint a snow and have to learn it here. The biggest problem here is the carousel boutique because it was a pain with lots of small accents and it is round.
There was some moment when I stuck because everything had to be covered by snow and to be honest — there's not much stuff surrounding Rariti's boutique. It's hard to make round building look good but I guess creators tried hard.

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safe1749847 artist:devinian42 bon bon16689 lyra heartstrings30093 opalescence2121 pinkie pie220116 rarity185539 sweetie belle49719 sweetie drops16688 bird8761 cardinal53 cat6514 pony1009950 unicorn342046 background pony10442 balloon10419 bench2642 blank flank7706 blushing204536 bridge1197 butt65805 carousel boutique2287 christmas14154 clothes475734 cloud32064 cute205622 diasweetes2982 doctor who3626 eyes closed97992 featured image907 female1401310 filly69594 floating4118 flying39397 full moon3556 hearth's warming eve1310 hoofprints203 ice skating407 lamppost374 magic75357 mare501889 moon24094 mountain5347 mouth hold18065 night27340 night sky1866 plot82078 ponyville6081 present6098 river2039 scarf23855 scenery8226 scenery porn867 skating206 sky14957 sleeping23932 sleigh266 snow14127 snowfall4506 starry night717 stars16277 stream359 streetlight329 tardis1499 telekinesis28702 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky924 thomas kincade1 tree33495 wall of tags3647 winter4507


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