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Comic by SketchyJackie
Color by me

Version with colored lines.
Version with black lines.
Version with colored lines only.
Original version
safe1688192 artist:sketchyjackie123 princess celestia94217 princess luna98408 alicorn220945 pony949918 ...2268 :p8665 bipedal33728 bored1449 butt55731 calvin and hobbes105 cewestia1789 colored19239 comic107928 cute197138 cutelestia3551 double knockout3 eyes closed91365 female1346251 fight6089 filly65390 filly celestia348 filly luna340 floppy ears51355 frown22584 lunabetes3502 magic72308 mouth hold17214 on back24105 on side6636 open mouth142104 pink-mane celestia2547 playing1468 playing dead122 plot77664 raised leg7583 rearing5604 roleplaying545 smiling243183 sweet dreams fuel1568 sword11560 telekinesis27263 tongue out102067 walking4685 war1234 weapon30121 wooden sword192 woona5049 younger17188


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Well, imaginary war isn't nearly as fun if you leave out the imaginary sacking of the imaginary enemy's imaginary kingdom and the brutal subjugation of their imaginary populace. They're leaving out the best parts!
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One of these days, Sketchyjackies' "Tia and Lulu" will be the death of me. Then again adorable filly alicorns having cute sibling adventures is one of my favorite fanon creations. Sooo cute!