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safe1755154 artist:beavernator878 shining armor23675 twilight sparkle306667 pony1015094 ponyta185 rapidash413 all glory to the beaver grenadier62 annoyed5613 baby10714 baby pony6821 babylight sparkle394 colt15511 colt shining armor113 comic111668 cute206232 eyes closed98577 filly69923 filly twilight sparkle2778 floppy ears54772 frown23645 glare8306 hug29206 magic75600 male389453 mane of fire1432 open mouth155383 quill2768 rage1564 rapidash twilight399 running6176 sad25148 screaming3548 shining adorable579 smiling262510 smoke2680 tantrum131 twiabetes12297 upside down5755 weapons-grade cute3770 wide eyes17435 writing1227 younger17812


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you have to keep the original subtext for this with it. im not editing this, so it just stays as is.
:iconprincesscadenceplz: Hi! I’m Princess Mi Amoré Cadenza. Were you the ones inquiring about a babysitter?  
:iconshiningarmorplz: Yes. We have a baby that likes to be angry.  
:iconprincesscadenceplz: Oh, I get those every now and again. You just got to pick them up and show them some loving.  
:iconshiningarmorplz: Pick them up? Like, physically? You’ll need tongs for little angry Twily here. She sets on fire when angry.  
:iconprincesscadence: Oh! That’s… interesting. :iconshiningarmorplz: She also likes books. :iconbookfortplz: Anb sebbing dem on fire!  
:iconprincesscadence: … :iconshiningarmorplz: Luckily she’s potty trained; her diapers burned off when she wasn’t.  
:iconprincesscadence: Uh huh. So… when does she go to bed? :iconshiningarmorplz: Whenever she wants to, apparently… we put her inside the oven.  
:iconprincesscadence: That… makes sense… I guess. :iconshiningarmorplz: Sometimes I give her a frozen pizza to cuddle with.  
:iconprincesscadence: … :iconshiningarmorplz: Fifty bits in advance? :iconprincesscadenceplz: That would be lovely.