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suggestive132741 artist:xjkenny367 rainbow dash224155 scootaloo49657 anthro240422 unguligrade anthro44477 beach ball1382 blowing486 blushing182709 breasts254518 busty rainbow dash7541 clothes426365 coach296 commission58722 cute186407 cutealoo2649 dashabetes8481 female1286815 floaty400 inflatable1612 inflating88 lifeguard2219 puffy cheeks3653 rainblow dash135 rainbow dashs coaching whistle182 red face228 scootalove1633 swimming lessons2 swimming pool2496 swimsuit26225 water wings142 whistle1146 whistle necklace412


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Crimson "Valent" Azure
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Dashed Rainbow
Somebody actually added "nudity" to this? RD is dressed more modestly than many Saturday Morning Cartoon characters!
Also do not remove the Dashabetes tag. It's cute on both ends, not just for Scoots.