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Season 9 Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS, DF airings only]

Started by 000
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SOMEONE was getting shafted in that finale. It was either going to be Grogar or the Trio

Which was something I pointed out after the premiere. It was a bad decision including Grogar at all in the series, as there was no point to his involvement. He should have been left for G5.

Uh, I could say the same with Tirek then. Heck, he could be replaced with another original villain from the show and there will be no difference at all. Implementing Grogar in the series can be done right with good planning and writing like how they did with other villains, including giving them more depth and backstory… But well, we got what we got.
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Tbh, you’re objectively right about one thing. Tirek literally is his G1 counterpart in name only.

He’s a red centaur. That’s it. Everything else about him is different aside from the fact that they’re villains, from his personality, to his powers and motivations, down to the fact that Scorpan is actually his brother in G4.

And if they did decide to go down a different path, the real Grogar could’ve worked out. But in any case, it is what it is.
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Assuming the age of the characters at the end of the series my only guess would be the Mane 6 are probably in their mid-late 40’s inching 50. Starlight probably early 50’s

Spike is somewhere in mid to late 20’s

CMC is probably in their late 20’s early 30’s

Flurry Heart late teens.

Cake Twins probably early 20’s

And Luster Dawn is teens. Somewhere along 13 or 14
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I finally got around to watching A Trivial Pursuit. I really liked the vibe of that episode actually. It’s very laid back. Very inconsequential.
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Anyone think it’s weird that throughout the season, it was built up that the mane 6 would be ruling Equestria together but in The Last Problem Twilight is the sole ruler?
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Season 9 was actually a lot better than it had any right to be. It was honestly the best way they could’ve ended things considering how unpredictable the fandom is and numerous issues going on from the last few years.
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