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safe1573875 edit117451 edited screencap55960 hundreds of users filter this tag295 screencap198866 minuette5349 spike74806 starlight glimmer43805 the crystalling2009 angry23943 bathroom1835 bathtub1536 bedroom eyes51395 clothes408503 conversation547 curtains1593 door3607 eyes closed80077 female897921 implied kissing159 jealous1141 love triangle385 male305038 mirror4680 screencap comic4170 shipping183799 slippers887 sparlight551 spigate15 stool1456 straight121557 tl;dr342 toothbrush717 toothpaste235 towel3265


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #03D2
The numbers have updated since the last time I made that comment, right now…:
Spikelestia: 124.
Sparlight: 122.
Emberspike: 135.
Background Pony #03D2
Alright, Sparlight's 73 images has beaten Sunsetspike's 71, can we aim for beating Spikelestia's 113 images?