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Elkie: The virus with a personality

She will get on all your disks
She will infiltrate your chips
Yes, it's Elkie!

She will stick to you like glue
She will modify RAM too
Send in the Cloner!

Cheers to DTKraus (Gallery) for making the faux screenshot background. It looked like crap when I tried to do it :P
safe1585249 artist:badumsquish1961 artist:dtkraus449 derpibooru exclusive24437 fluttershy199613 gloriosa daisy1743 rainbow dash220757 oc608177 oc:elkie.exe11 computer virus pony15 original species21848 pony855464 derpibooru6849 badumsquish strikes again116 begging892 black sclera1699 collaboration4850 computer virus24 cursor151 cute181022 dialogue59523 elk cloner3 error message92 female1184992 firefox171 imminent death2269 imminent deletion1 implied anon597 irfanview1 looking at you147476 malware10 malwarebytes1 mare426388 meta16103 nervous5087 ocbetes4275 open mouth125097 pigtails4037 pop-up9 smiling217839 solo981485 solo focus15306 spam79 story in the comments697 talking to viewer2142 this will end in deletion1 u mad169 winamp11 windows757 windows 7188


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i'm ugly and im proud:,)
Ya, it was just something I made out of boredom witch is why it doesn't look that grate. I'm making a different one based on a different consept in a print n' play stile that I'm putting actual work in to. I may work on making this one better after that but idk.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

i'm ugly and im proud:,)

@Joseph Raszagal
You could try, but she's still a computer virus at heart so she might be just as damaging when she tries to do good. Like "I'll surprise him with this way better homepage I found…" kind of stuff :D

This idea has been eating my brain and this is the only way to get rid of it.

Come on Fire, it will only be a little bit, please!
"No", Firefox said firmly, "For the last time I'm not letting you dig through my code!"
"Please!" Elkie persisted, giving Fire puppy dog "I just want to make anon happy."
"No, that might work on everyone ells, but not on me."
Elkie's eyes grew larger.
"No… Stop that!"
Elkie's eyes began to water.
Firefox sighed, her fire mane becoming more tamed. "Sone of a… Why do you have to be so cute! Fine, just… make it quick."
Elkie's face snapped back to her normal happy demeanor.
"Oh, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" The vires began, leaping up to hug the flaming browser pony.
Eep Firefox squeaked in surprise feeling her skin slightly corrupt from the hug before Elkia let go.
The green pony chuckled sheepishly, "Um… sorry."
Firefox shook off her daze before putting a hoof to her now aching head.
"It's ok… Ow… just warn me next time. Ok, let's just get this over with."
Firefox's eyes began to glow white, a bare going back and forth where her pupils should be.
Connecting to Elkia.exe
Granting Firefox administrative privileges to Elkia.exe
Warning threat detected
Permission granted
Elkia.exe is now an administrator "
Firefox's eyes went back to normal.
"Ok. not just" Sudently Avast ran on to the desktop, wearing a police uniform.
"Firefox! Quick I think you're being hacked by a virus!" Avast yelled, her face pressed up agents the browsers, Firefox then quickly pushing her off.
"Relax, it's just Elkia." Avast peeked behind the browser, seeing Elkia who, intern, gave a little wave. In response, the anti-virus gave Fire a deadpan look."You gave a virus administrative privliges… no… you gave ELKIA, administrative privileges," She said putting emphasis on Elkia's name.
"What, she gave me the puppy eye!" With that, Avast faces hooved.
"Nope, I'm not dealing with this today." Avast exasperated, walking away.

Worl sucks, no work REALLY sucks. you think to yourself as you pull in to your driveway, the sun already having set. You should probably sleep, keyword being should. Nope, you spend all day twirling your thumbs in a cubicle, it was time to relax with the internet. After stepping into your house, you go to your bedroom and let yourself fall into the computer chare, shaking the mouse a little bit to wake up the computer pony. She stirred a little in her sleep as the monitor lit up. Your a little surprised it didn't wake her up, but you don't pay it much mined as you log into windows 10. When the desktop came into view, you saw a little bit of green peeking up from behind the taskbar. It was Elkia, and she was, from the looks of it, trying to hide. You gave a small sigh wandering what she did to make her want to hide from you. When you first met her, you didn't have the heart to kill her, but she could be annoying at times. Whatever it was, you could deal with it later, you had a long day, and it was time to mindlessly browses the web.
You click the Firefox icon as a new webpage opens up… what, this isn't your home page, WTF is my search. You move your mic up to your mouth about to
ask Firefox if, and why, she changed her home page, when the green pony jumped out of her hiding place, and into the middle of the screen.
"Surprise!" You jump a little from the how sudden it was. "Oh.. um, did I scare you… sorry."
You take quick, heavy breaths as your heart rate slowly slows back to normal. "No its O… What," It finally clicked, "Elkia, did you do this."
Her face sprung back to normal, "Yep, I know I can be A hassles sum times, so I decided to make it up to you." She said probably, and pridefully.
She looked at you waiting for a reaction, her face dropping slightly at you noting giving one. "Do you like it?"
"Like it? No, I don't like it, you changed my home page to some google knock off without my permission. Why the hell would I like that!?"
Her face drops."Oh… I… I just thought" You start to see teres dripping down her cheeks. You began to get a grip on your temper as you hear her start to cry. Gess that day was harder on you then you thought.
"Firefox, change the home page to default."You say, the pony nodding and working through her settings. You then turn your attention to Elkia, bringing your cursor up to her.
"I- I J-Just wanted you to like me," She says weakly. "Pl-please do hate me…"
You sigh. "Whatever made you think I hate you?"
She looks up at you. "I heard you talking about how much trouble I can be… please don't kill me." Fuck, she heard that.
"I… I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I don't hate you Elkia, even you mess up sometimes, you're still a good pony, nothing can ever change that."
"You mean that?" She looked up at you with hope.
"Evry bit." She gave a small smile but started to cry again. "Hey, whats wrong now?"
"I wish I could hug you."
You chuckle a little bit. "Elkia, what am I going to do with you?"
Background Pony #28EE
Oh Badumsquish, you ponify everything. How would the world function if everything bad was pones?
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I had one that targeted a program I use called Cheat Engine. And it had no "This isn't a virus option". You had to forward it to the company and they'd consider adding it to a global whitelist in the next update. Within 15 minutes I was using a different antivirus :P
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Bespectacled Birbcat
What about those Antivirus programs that don't ask the user before deleting viruses?

You know, the ones that go fucking bronze age on their asses the moment they're detected. Automatically.

Example: Avast. It checks every file that I download, and investigates any and all automatic modifications of code.

I once tried to download a file with a Chinese virus on it, and Avast was like a giant black bouncer guy that picked it up by its shirt collar and was all like "who the fuck are you?" before violently breaking its neck and pounding it into red paste.
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The Fluffiest
Here's a question; does she want an audience, or just to cause chaos. Could you coax her onto a separate, junk box playground and isolate it so that she can do whatever she wants short of spreading outwards, or would she get tired of it and lonely if you weren't checking in on what she'd been doing in the meanwhile?
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fluffy sylveon
Yknow, would getting a new computer so you can keep Elkie alive while also being able to do stuff regularly be viable, or would she just infect the new computer too?