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Coloured version of >>1576751
safe (1461404)artist:dsp2003 (719)artist:tjpones (2727)starlight glimmer (39363)sugar belle (2459)twilight sparkle (265830)alicorn (170767)pony (726628)unicorn (216631)sparkles! the wonder horse! (73)the cutie map (3620)collaboration (4176)colored (15716)comic (92437)crossed hooves (1505)cupcake (4538)dialogue (52469)doodle (2224)equal cutie mark (1280)flying (30735)food (53219)glowing horn (14140)grumpy (2116)magic (59318)monochrome (136814)open mouth (107773)pouting (1689)pure unfiltered evil (1492)s5 starlight (1034)smiling (188957)sparkles (3426)staff (2510)staff of sameness (608)telekinesis (21613)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105263)vulgar (18295)


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #088F
Could replace Starlight with Applejack, and Sugar Belle with Pinkie and it would still work.
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The funny thing is that was only the second time (first being Gilda) this didn’t work on the first attempt.
And both of these times it DID work on the second.
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Comments23 comments posted