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“My my%! It looks like you’re all having so much fun! But there’s still one more baby to add to this party%!”
Applejack gets shoved into the playpen, and it looks like she’s squaring off against Rainbow Dash for space (even though she can really do absolutely nothing about it). And meanwhile, Fluttershy is getting awfully blushy, I wonder what she’s WORKING up to~?
suggestive170658 artist:34qucker14 part of a set17974 applejack186525 fluttershy236077 rainbow dash257410 rarity201461 twilight sparkle330340 human198651 abdl974 arm behind back7457 blushing235283 bondage40385 bonnet483 booties299 breasts336741 busty fluttershy20646 clothes550927 crossed arms6717 diaper15227 diaper bondage256 diaper fetish9794 diaper slave186 eyes closed118306 female1582195 females only14923 fetish48444 frilly diaper64 frontbend1127 gag17308 gift wrapped884 help us596 humanized109102 knee tied687 legs over head103 mittens536 mummification437 mummified159 non-baby in diaper10709 onesie967 pacifier2987 pacifier gag227 part of a series3273 playpen90 poofy diaper5038 restrained1742 shirt31800 squirming245 straitjacket934 straps905 sweat32993 sweatdrops1517 t-shirt5631 tape gag1244


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Background Pony #9814
Yuup Aj that must be painfull with legs up to your head. Also Fluttershy, well kauashnikow

@northern haste  
yeah but I kinda wanted her in this one. She literally was ahead of Applejack in every other poll before this one. Sure Pinkie was always second to last in the polling but she was still ahead of Applejack. Oh well not gonna ruin my enjoyment of the picture though. We probably should get these babies some “rattles”.