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Oh shit this is gonna be a long desc
DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE OCS AS THEY ARE ONLY OWNED BY; This is the folder for my contribute to the NG I share with Sc-um, LazyGayBabe, VixenFin, & bellablossomyoutube
this will be ever growing and I'll update it when I can be assed, thx.
base — Saphi-Boo
Red dotted line — DIVORCED
Purple line- MARRIED
Green line — HALF RELATED

{Luna x Tempest — DIVORCED}
Temper Storm
Duchess Daisy

{Tempest x Spike}
Jaw Breaker
Royal Stone

{Trixie x Twilight}
Blue Cosmos

{Discord x Applejack}
Asher Apple

{Rainbow Dash x Hoity Toity}
Adina Flash

{Pinkie Pie x Thunderbase}
Party Popper

{Rarity x Fleur}

{Fluttershy x Coco}
safe1578220 artist:sc-um1 applejack159041 coco pommel5485 discord28732 fleur-de-lis3339 fluttershy198148 hoity toity952 pinkie pie203519 princess luna94077 rainbow dash219719 rarity169952 spike74917 tempest shadow15429 thunderbass689 trixie62269 twilight sparkle283104 oc606478 oc:adina flash1 oc:asher apple1 oc:blue cosmos1 oc:duchess daisy1 oc:harmonia10 oc:jaw breaker2 oc:party popper27 oc:prince24 oc:royal stone1 oc:skye80 oc:temper storm1 oc:twinkle11 oc:valentine38 alicorn195813 hybrid15312 applecord30 cocoshy17 crack ship offspring231 crack shipping3515 family tree302 female901552 fleurity54 hoitydash2 interspecies offspring6405 lesbian92302 magical lesbian spawn10776 male306304 offspring34511 parent:applejack3276 parent:discord2946 parent:fleur-de-lis311 parent:pinkie pie3598 parent:princess luna1952 parent:rainbow dash5016 parent:rarity3579 parent:spike1984 parent:tempest shadow1967 parent:trixie1710 parent:twilight sparkle7352 parents:applecord27 parents:fleurity16 parents:pinkiebass11 parents:spikeshadow1 parents:tempestluna46 parents:twixie486 pinkiebass56 shipping184296 simple background346514 spikeshadow34 straight121910 tempestluna45 transparent background179993 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115393 twixie4895


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