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Page 105 – Grand Line, Part 5

Guest author: DragonTrainer

Power creep definitely becomes a problem as a campaign runs on. But starting out with overpowered characters right out of creation? I can’t even imagine.

Cory: My name is Mare Do Well and I am an Earth Pony Swordmage. I’m also part Unicorn and part Pegasus. My special talent is search and rescue. I’m quick to adapt and can fly to different places in a flash.
DM: … I see you haven’t quite transitioned to 4e yet.
Cory: I also got rid of that arcane spell failure chance by taking vow of silence as a flaw. Oh yeah. One more thing. My… um… mark also boosts my magic to the point where I can lift multiple heavy objects at once.
DM: You mean your cutie mark?
Cory: Yeah. That.
Applejack: You wouldn’t think that just a couple hours ago, we had tah drag ’em here kickin’ ’n screamin’.
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