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Background Pony #9FF1
And for Twilight Sparkle, who didn’t want her friendship to end, she soon realized that going back to Canterlot, was only another beginning.
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Background Pony #06B4
Does this mean whoever wrote this book did some crazy shit to have it end THIS far into the future?
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Background Pony #F55B
it may be a happy ending for them but it’s a sad day for pony fans everywhere they’ll never be a my little pony show as great popular as my little pony friendship is magic it’s just so hard seeing that on how much they have grown and aged and and seeing that they have foals of their own it’s just not going to be the same without them it’s just so hard saying goodbye to something that you’ve grown attached to for all these years I wish we could go back to the beginning I don’t want them to leave but I hope that someday they will return like the ponies we remember them and have many more adventures it’s going to be a sad time without them a very sad time.
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They probably won’t be a graduation special they said they had plans for a 3th season but it didn’t work out and even the season 2 finale didn’t work out according to them. It was also said that sunset’s backstage pass was the unintentional last special we still don’t know what holiday unwrapped is
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