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How does one react when a friend drops a bomb like what Reserche did? HILARIOUS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!! Of course!
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safe1640706 artist:becauseimpink157 applejack164665 fluttershy205811 pinkie pie210071 rainbow dash226710 rarity176051 twilight sparkle291904 earth pony224553 pegasus266516 pony906194 unicorn296010 comic:transition121 applejack (male)1047 bubble berry1543 butterscotch1808 comic104768 confused4490 dialogue62082 dusk shine2300 elusive1178 eyes closed86360 freckles26871 hat81896 male351556 mane six30871 rainbow blitz2343 raised hoof42152 rule 6325859 smiling230584 stallion100804 surprised8734 thinking1806 transgender1630 wide eyes16543


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