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safe1597332 edit121308 edited screencap58450 screencap208160 aloe2472 angel bunny9447 apple bloom47078 apple rose301 applejack161019 auntie applesauce273 autumn blaze3439 babs seed5580 berry punch6183 berryshine6175 big daddy mccolt83 big macintosh26862 bon bon15546 boneless408 boneless 272 bow hothoof950 braeburn6016 bright mac1164 bulk biceps3265 burnt oak113 capper dapperpaws1465 carrot cake1977 cattail82 cheerilee9473 cheese sandwich3696 cherry jubilee1031 clear sky402 cloudy quartz1240 coco pommel5618 coloratura2712 cranky doodle donkey931 cup cake3857 daring do6181 derpy hooves48360 diamond tiara9744 discord29157 dj pon-328208 doctor fauna516 doctor muffin top69 doctor whooves10311 double diamond1579 fancypants1804 featherweight1206 flam2018 flash magnus747 flash sentry12029 flim2134 fluttershy201081 gabby2180 gallus6046 garble1651 gentle breeze309 gilda9182 goldie delicious362 grand pear233 granny smith5080 gummy4888 hoity toity945 igneous rock pie824 iron will1289 limestone pie4665 little strongheart771 lotus blossom2627 luster dawn1145 lyra heartstrings28204 marble pie6079 matilda471 maud pie11875 mayor mare3094 meadowbrook748 mistmane690 moondancer4487 mudbriar747 night glider1277 night light2064 nurse redheart3336 ocellus4745 octavia melody22752 opalescence2009 owlowiscious1922 party favor1439 pear butter2533 pharynx894 photo finish2511 pinkie pie205665 pipsqueak2737 plaid stripes244 posey shy1103 pound cake2396 prince rutherford698 princess cadance30743 princess celestia90376 princess ember5875 princess flurry heart6498 princess luna94720 pumpkin cake2128 quibble pants1458 rainbow dash222143 rarity172191 rockhoof1027 roseluck4760 rumble3793 saffron masala1584 sandbar4884 sassy saddles972 scootaloo49265 shining armor21855 silver spoon6218 silverstream5509 sky beak130 sky stinger489 smolder6963 snails5135 snips4055 soarin'13376 somnambula1724 spike74971 spitfire12800 star swirl the bearded1895 starlight glimmer45018 stygian703 sugar belle2829 sunburst6007 sunset shimmer58098 sweetie belle46882 sweetie drops15551 tank2625 tempest shadow15979 tender taps651 terramar683 thunderlane3813 time turner10307 tree hugger2635 trixie63311 trouble shoes1074 twilight sparkle285670 twilight velvet3925 twist2762 vapor trail947 vinyl scratch28210 wind sprint513 windy whistles1933 winona2442 yona4621 zecora8863 zephyr breeze2109 zippoorwhill358 abyssinian1131 alicorn202040 alligator853 breezie2048 buffalo613 changedling7518 changeling41926 draconequus9459 dragon49588 earth pony209847 griffon24717 hippogriff8576 kirin7150 minotaur959 pegasus251172 pony866997 rabbit4625 tortoise553 unicorn277916 yak4104 zebra15972 equestria girls184676 equestria girls (movie)6632 my little pony: the movie18142 season 9640 the last problem4555 animal3614 bloodstone scepter825 caption19786 cute183069 cutie mark crusaders18186 diasentres265 dragon lord ember985 finale61 flying35015 galloping350 gigachad spike626 granny smith's scarf140 leaping263 mane six30063 mccolt family174 older23760 older applejack601 older fluttershy566 older mane six299 older pinkie pie559 older rainbow dash653 older rarity582 older spike4628 older twilight1246 prince pharynx630 princess twilight 2.01873 pronking1023 shyabetes12154 skunk stripe278 subverted meme236 the magic of friendship grows76 they forgot about me15 trotting1274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117085 wall of tags2589 wind spring2 winged spike7575


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #3377
I guess it's half-half between what Hasbro wanted and want the bronies wanted. They do remember the drama, but still want Flash in to keep pleasing young girls with heroic boy stereotype (which none of us, even little girls actually need).
Background Pony #85ED
Yep, that’s right. Plus, he’s right next to the rest of Twilight’s family. She still loves him. Flashlight wins!