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My take on the cast if they were a bit more human-colored
safe1552639 artist:cadenreigns15 applejack157052 cheese sandwich3568 discord28406 fluttershy195552 pinkie pie201163 rainbow dash216951 rarity167718 sci-twi21183 spike74006 starlight glimmer42834 sunburst5663 sunset shimmer55968 tempest shadow15066 trixie60978 twilight sparkle279013 human139560 equestria girls176515 appledash5254 bisexual4785 book30084 cheesepie1142 discoshy2476 female877091 food59193 human coloration4217 humanized92959 lesbian90778 male298346 mane seven5833 mane six28856 pie2961 polyamory6017 rubber chicken223 scitwishimmer2145 shipping180862 shopping bags107 sparity6248 starburst984 startrix2517 startrixburst55 straight119943 sunsetsparkle4297 tempestlight3281 twolight1023


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Eris best pony
I actually like the skin tones of the characters but the EqG thing can make Fluttercord creepy, it's not like the original version where despiste of the long age difference, Fluttershy is an adult… would have been better to Discord being with Celestia, Luna or Cosmos.