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safe1577041 artist:silverbuller41 edit117814 edited screencap56155 screencap199615 applejack158967 flash sentry12102 fluttershy197964 gallus5815 luster dawn945 moondancer4436 night light2006 owlowiscious1915 pinkie pie203383 princess cadance30478 princess celestia90081 princess flurry heart6267 princess luna94037 rainbow dash219539 rarity169851 spike74891 star swirl the bearded1864 starlight glimmer43927 stygian689 sunburst5832 sunset shimmer57702 tempest shadow15387 thorax3991 trixie62213 twilight sparkle282936 twilight velvet3837 alicorn195583 bird6810 changedling7272 changeling40186 dragon48242 earth pony199553 owl879 pegasus240054 pony846840 unicorn266765 the last problem4148 female900492 king thorax2605 male305935 mane seven5903 mane six29467 mare416167 princess twilight 2.01619 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115317 winged spike7145 wings76311


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Background Pony #0C7F
@Background Pony #111B
Come on my friend, my dude, my pal, don't be like that, we all know that this few seconds was the best of the etier show.

And the fact that she was put ther makes her 100% canon in the mian FiM show, but i guess you have past the event horizon & you are you will forever live in the black hole of denial, i so wish i could help my friend, but there is nothing that i could do.
Background Pony #8C2F
Sunset Shimmer finally made it into the show…. In the last seconds of it