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After 3 months of work, here is the MLP G4 Megacollab! Featuring 343 characters from the show and the movies, by 132 artists. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and every artist who participated. It's been a lot of fun!

Link to the list of characters and their assigned artist

This collab is not an official Derpibooru collab, but rather a third-party community project.
safe1750543 artist:aanotherpony40 artist:agcreativaartly1 artist:aj flame ss61 artist:alexdti259 artist:alexsc11221 artist:aliceg17 artist:anontheanon332 artist:another_pony93 artist:aquaeverglow2 artist:ashtoneer283 artist:balychen27 artist:beadedwolf228 artist:beardie1071 artist:brisineo329 artist:cadillacdynamite47 artist:cammy267 artist:chaokievery2 artist:chelseawest329 artist:czu613 artist:dafiltafish220 artist:danger_above11 artist:danstar1 artist:darkodraco128 artist:davierocket234 artist:daynightcycle2 artist:defiantfox15 artist:derp!1 artist:derpyalex211 artist:dinexistente99 artist:djdavid98201 artist:donnik28 artist:drawingblanks4 artist:dreamweaverpony64 artist:dummyhorse81 artist:echodraws1 artist:falafeljake227 artist:faultsunrise1 artist:fedot1xa1 artist:fladdrarblyg87 artist:frecklesfanatic203 artist:frist441368 artist:fumalunga34 artist:funnystargalloper6 artist:gatebreakergt7 artist:ghostskvllz1 artist:gobiraptor8 artist:h3nger216 artist:hari1 artist:hazyspark1 artist:huffylime58 artist:iamglimm3 artist:infamousrebel2 artist:jargon scott2571 artist:jearkdns1 artist:jellysiek206 artist:jenndylyon24 artist:joey276 artist:kadus1 artist:kaylerustone49 artist:king-kakapo1198 artist:lemonadierpixel1 artist:lightningbolt918 artist:lockbox1 artist:lunnita_pony104 artist:machacapigeon23 artist:mareschizo5 artist:maxisb859 artist:melisareb404 artist:memeancholy48 artist:mkogwheel956 artist:moonatik868 artist:naa_artist1 artist:necromarecy33 artist:nighty75 artist:northern wind6 artist:not-immortal52 artist:opalacorn325 artist:pabbley2318 artist:paint star2 artist:paperbagpony798 artist:pertdegert5 artist:pfeffaroo288 artist:phantom arts8 artist:phazerarts5 artist:pinky1023683 artist:pirill320 artist:piropie15 artist:pizzavioletgirl5 artist:plaguemare114 artist:pony quarantine745 artist:ponynamedmixtape147 artist:poxy_boxy87 artist:puffysmosh24 artist:reddthebat2 artist:renaar32 artist:renderpoint155 artist:retro71 artist:rossponeart8 artist:sailor6 artist:seafooddinner115 artist:shacy's pagelings52 artist:shadowingartist16 artist:shoophoerse85 artist:silbernepegasus21 artist:sketchiix351 artist:skookz69 artist:skyfarer6 artist:soulcentinel152 artist:sourcherry408 artist:spellboundcanvas405 artist:spntax71 artist:squidoart1 artist:srbolsa23 artist:superduperath13 artist:termyotter46 artist:testostepone486 artist:the smiling pony599 artist:the-minuscule-task531 artist:therealegg3 artist:threetwotwo322321508 artist:tyler2 artist:valthonis48 artist:vashtwiist20 artist:wallparty18 artist:wallswallswalls71 artist:wenni246 artist:yelowcrom158 artist:yipsy34 artist:yoditax1097 artist:zenaquaria1 adagio dazzle13261 ahuizotl841 all aboard87 allie way566 aloe2688 amethyst star2627 angel bunny10012 angel wings251 apple bloom50967 apple fritter799 apple rose325 apple split276 apple strudel119 applejack173281 appointed rounds61 aria blaze10025 aunt holiday322 auntie applesauce309 auntie lofty292 autumn afternoon163 autumn blaze4006 babs seed5816 ballista139 barley barrel216 beauty brass480 berry punch6663 berryshine6663 big macintosh28834 blaze338 bloomberg149 blossomforth1454 bon bon16692 bow hothoof1093 braeburn6398 breezette59 bright mac1368 bulk biceps3485 burnt oak127 button mash4150 caesar371 candy mane310 capper dapperpaws1621 captain celaeno1183 care package134 carrot cake2152 carrot top5569 cayenne336 chancellor neighsay665 cheerilee10137 cheese sandwich4060 cherry berry2206 cherry jubilee1122 chickadee875 chief thunderhooves286 cinder glow795 cipactli76 claude61 clear sky463 cloudchaser3884 cloudy quartz1419 coco pommel6081 coloratura2998 cookie crumbles1083 coriander cumin146 count caesar195 cozy glow7725 cranky doodle donkey1032 cup cake4257 daisy2598 daring do6498 davenport119 daybreaker2927 dear darling210 derpy hooves50778 descent192 diamond tiara10403 dinky hooves4412 discord31822 dj pon-329688 doctor caballeron811 doctor fauna547 doctor whooves10948 donut joe804 double diamond1695 dragon lord torch345 dumbbell650 fancypants1957 feather bangs571 featherweight1285 fern flare120 fiddlesticks482 fido541 filthy rich1175 fire flare112 fire streak263 firelight442 flam2183 flash magnus855 flash sentry13161 fleetfoot2248 fleur-de-lis3764 flim2271 flitter3054 florina tart192 flower wishes2470 fluttershy217254 fond feather206 forest fall125 fresh coat243 funnel web39 gabby2473 gallus6990 garble1866 gentle breeze402 gilda9786 gladmane161 golden harvest5569 goldie delicious390 gourmand ramsay84 grace manewitz327 grampa gruff318 grand pear264 granny smith5438 greta440 grogar1136 grubber858 gummy5136 gustave le grande243 hayseed turnip truck263 high winds262 hoity toity1007 hondo flanks572 hoo'far540 hoops442 igneous rock pie922 inky rose513 iron will1367 jack pot308 jasmine leaf198 jet set463 junebug366 kerfuffle555 kettle corn261 king sombra14233 lemon hearts2235 li'l cheese561 lightning bolt996 lightning dust4605 lily2028 lily longsocks401 lily valley2028 limestone pie5087 little strongheart833 lord tirek5415 lotus blossom2827 luster dawn1651 lyra heartstrings30100 mane allgood272 maple brown136 marble pie6685 matilda526 maud pie12734 mayor mare3333 meadowbrook852 minty1269 minuette5966 mistmane793 misty fly573 moody root19 moondancer4989 moondancer's sister85 moonlight raven451 morning roast85 mr. hoofington28 mr. stripes67 mrs. hoofington33 ms. harshwhinny2411 ms. peachbottom875 mudbriar823 mulia mild127 night glider1381 night light2409 nightmare moon17220 nightshade470 noi716 north point70 nurse coldheart210 nurse redheart3657 nurse snowheart170 ocean flow132 ocellus5446 octavia melody24226 opalescence2123 owlowiscious2013 party favor1548 peachy pie120 peachy sweet234 pear butter2939 perfect pace330 petunia paleo224 petunia petals178 pharynx1038 philomena1084 photo finish2677 pickle barrel185 pinkie pie220154 pipsqueak2876 plaid stripes253 pokey pierce1386 pony of shadows500 posey shy1339 pound cake2613 prim hemline176 prince blueblood4183 prince rutherford776 princess cadance33151 princess celestia96759 princess ember6763 princess flurry heart7501 princess luna100788 prominence253 pumpkin cake2362 pumpkin smoke139 quarterback171 queen chrysalis35468 quibble pants1551 quiet gestures56 rain shine466 rainbow dash238572 rainbowshine990 rainy day65 randolph101 rarity185590 raspberry beret91 raspberry vinaigrette111 raven749 ripley67 river song (character)34 rockhoof1166 roma51 roseluck5190 rover1013 royal ribbon299 ruby pinch1359 rumble4036 rusty bucket78 saffron masala1669 sandbar5607 sapphire shores1020 sassy saddles1104 scootaloo51914 scorpan334 screw loose554 screwball1478 seabreeze511 shady daze386 sheriff silverstar255 shining armor23642 silver lining292 silver sable52 silver shill173 silver spoon6646 silver zoom288 silverstream6303 skeedaddle226 skellinore191 sky beak161 sky stinger538 sludge (dragon)356 smarty pants1488 smolder8236 smooze631 snails5364 snap shutter287 snips4252 snow hope52 soarin'14203 somnambula1967 sonata dusk13821 songbird serenade1240 sparkler2481 spearhead153 special delivery134 spike80501 spitfire13692 spoiled rich1193 spot472 star dancer87 star hunter364 star swirl the bearded2050 star tracker445 starlight glimmer49793 steamer74 stellar eclipse175 stellar flare1264 steven magnet577 strawberry sunrise379 stygian802 sugar belle3213 summer flare795 sunburst7009 sunny daze125 sunny skies129 sunset shimmer64775 sunshine smiles264 sunspot (character)54 suri polomare1240 surprise3015 svengallop363 sweet biscuit410 sweetie belle49728 sweetie drops16691 swoon song213 tank2781 tantabus502 teddie safari103 tempest shadow17016 tender taps718 terramar813 thorax4476 thunderlane4213 tianhuo (tfh)641 time turner10944 toe-tapper249 toola roola775 torch song239 tree hugger2896 trenderhoof874 trixie68742 trouble shoes1177 twilight sparkle306106 twilight velvet4465 twinkleshine2327 twist2900 upper crust671 valley glamour80 vapor trail1069 vinyl scratch29689 white lightning995 whoa nelly258 wind rider236 windy whistles2206 winona2546 winter flame170 yona5228 zecora9541 zephyr breeze2450 zesty gourmand157 zippoorwhill391 alicorn232898 bird8775 breezie2205 bugbear195 cerberus275 changeling49824 chimera536 diamond dog3541 dragon58723 earth pony265949 griffon27996 hippogriff10144 hybrid20563 hydra494 kirin9287 longma652 manticore563 pegasus309167 pony1010593 roc171 seapony (g4)5254 siren2175 sphinx1990 timber wolf1372 unicorn342316 windigo654 yak4750 zebra18369 g4 mega collab34 them's fightin' herds4784 my little pony: the movie19455 the break up breakdown700 the last problem6086 absurd file size1251 absurd resolution67009 apple family member2947 blossom burst1 boulder257 boy bullies26 cloud32086 cloudsdale1335 collaboration5470 colt15476 fangs26690 featured image908 female1401892 filly69630 fins1513 fish tail1591 flim flam brothers1269 flying39419 foal15741 food72981 forest10559 gem6205 great wall of tags11 guardian angel11 horn77620 male388036 manehattan1049 mare502198 mountain5354 muffin6535 multiple heads1705 pillars of equestria285 river2043 river song40 scales1218 shadowbolts1661 siren gem1842 sitting65590 sky14970 slit pupils5096 spa twins1380 stallion115742 three heads595 tree33520 true form257 wall of blue57 wall of tags3655 water14253 wings123120


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Thank you so much for putting this together everyone, it was an awesome project, it's so cool seeing everyones styles and interpretations of characters together :)

Also, to everyone complaining about missing characters, the artists and organisers really tried their best. Don't be mad about missed characters, enjoy the ones who are there :/
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Background Pony #2585
Deletion reason: Rule #6 - did you really think this was appropriate on this image?
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