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So yes! Here’s my re-envisioning of the MLP characters as TF2 classes! Why? Because I had nothing better to do! I kept four characters as their usual classes, but the rest I kinda flipped around and switched at my own leisure.

I actually have reasons for each class – I was very purposeful in putting who where!

Twilight Sparkle (Medic Sparkle)
I picked a Medic for Twilight because it was more fitting for her, character and skill-wise. Twilight is a scientific mind, and it has been said of the Medic that the ’healing’ nature of his experiments are mere side-effects. His scientific enthusiasm, I felt, made him and Twilight a perfect match-up!

Fluttershy (Flutterpyro)
Now, this might seem a stretch, but bare with me; all of the classes have some method of murder. Even the Medic comes with his needle guns and his bonesaws. Only one class, however, has the dillusion (that I am aware of) of doing GOOD. Perhaps in a fit of insanity or drug-enduced hallucination, Fluttershy blows rainbows at her friends (shoots fire at her enemies) and tickles them silly (burns them to death).

Applejack (Sniperjack)
Complete with "Apple Juice", I figured the Sniper’s hunter history, his patience, and his code of sniping (be efficient, be polite, have a plan to kill everyone you meet) was somehow fitting for Applejack. Plus, a hat!

Derpy (Solderp)
What else? A close runner up with Braeburn, I had to pick Derpy because… well… Derpy is fun! Plus, I can picture her saying "Take that, Bablo Babbins!" and "Look out! He’s got a book!"

Pinkie Pie (Engie-Pie)
Pinkie is random; everyone knows this. Her randomness may not fit the Engineer personality-wise, but his method of setting up sentry nests does. Armed with her Sentry-model Party Cannons and her Party Favor Dispensers (Pinkie-Porter not shown here), Pinkie is ready to throw a little party for all her friends to enjoy when they need a break from blowing each other to pony-bits!

Then, of course, we got the other four, who are in more common match-ups.

Big Mac (Heavy Weapons McIntosh)
Fitting for his heavy build, implied physical strength, and giant size. It wouldn’t be right to do this without the iconic brony.

Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Scout)
Fast, able to jump high, and headstrong. Seriously, who else could I match her up with? Probably Demoman. Then again, I coulda made Applejack the Soldier… ’twould have made sense. Hindsight is 20/20.

Rarity (Rarispy)
With a more ’professional’ attire, a sabatour way of combat, and a more ’delicate’ touch, the Spy remains ideal for Rarity. Plus, she can insult ponies’ fashion sense while disguised as them.

Zecora (Demozebra)
A nack for mixing is the bread and butter of both the Demoman and Zecora (even if they tend to mess with considerably different chemicals) not to mention Zecora strikes me as having a great deal of physical prowess.

A lot of people are actually ARGUING with me about this, pointing out who they think fits better with what class – fun fact, most of them associate others to classes they don’t fit. Not sure if it’s from an act of favoritism or simply an act of ’I don’t like change’ because most, if not all, of the complainers are using the popular concept.

Folks, I feel I should point out I INTENTIONALLY IGNORED the popular concepts. Why? Because I like my idea better and view the popular concept as fundamentally flawed. What does Twilight have in common with Sniper (Sniping may use math, but the medi gun likely uses some kind of quantum mechanics which seems like it would be considerably more difficult). What does Fluttershy have in common with Medic? Healing? What about the immoral experiments, the killing tools, and turning her allies into death machines? I disagree – she’d make a better Sniper than Twilight, really. Psycho Pinkie just got old, so I put her somewhere I felt worked just as well.

So yes, so EVERYONE KNOWS, I DO KNOW THE POPULAR CONCEPT. I just don’t like it, and tried to use a little more sense in where I put who.

Also. Yes, I left Spike out. Why? Because babies don’t belong on the battle field. I don’t care how mature they are. Deal with it.

Art ©
MLP:FIM © Hasbro/Laura Faust
TF2 © Valve
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29 comments posted
Background Pony #6901
@Background Pony #2A0C
I don’t know how I feel about Sniper-Jack or Engie-Pie, but Twilight Sparkle makes a dangerous amount of sense as the Medic, and I suppose Pyro makes sense since he (probably) doesn’t realize he’s killing people.

That said, I don’t think it makes any less sense than the typical class matches.
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Background Pony #CE27

I’m not, though I am quite concerned that you actually said ’I hope to Celestia’ in what I can only assume was an entirely serious tone. Everyone has their opinions, but when you try to convince others yours is superior, it’s not wise to think you’ll go undebated.
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@Background Pony #F691

I’m done arguing since this is just a Pointless Debate going on here, nobody is getting anywhere and we are just going to argue over the same thing over again, Let’s just say that you believe Twilight should be Medic and I say Fluttershy should be Medic and leave it at that ok?

if you agree to disagree with me then don’t send me another message, and I hope to celesta that you’re not one of the people who says, "Ha I’m Right and you’re wrong, I just Proved Twilight is Medic and Fluttershy isn’t". Because that’s just imature.

also one more thing before I stop responding,I liked the pony classes as they were BEFORE some idiot decided to change them.
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Background Pony #E163
So? Because the Sniper has an owl companion, that automatically makes Twilight Sniper? Let me ask you something; doesn’t Twilight Sparkle seem to have psychotic fits a lot more often than Fluttershy?

And since when is Fluttershy ’Medic’ level psychotic? She had two ’episodes’ as it were – when the animals of the garden didn’t take to her, and when she took that assertiveness seminar. Twilight Sparkle has psychotic breakdowns semi-regularly.

As for the ’baking’ thing for Pinkie Pyro, I’m not saying anything is wrong with that mix. All I’m saying is that Flutters as Pyro is not exactly far fetched when you consider it’s the only class that can be removed from the idea that they’re killing people.

How are AJ and Engi a perfect match personality-wise? They share an accent, but the Engineer is far more bookish than Applejack (even if it’s subverted by a stereotypical texan accent). He has a favorite math equation and everything. Applejack is mannerly, yes, but Engi is a mad scientist in cowboy’s clothing. Also? Not only do most people hate when something they like is violated, Applejack does lie; just not well, and they’re typically harmless (or intended to be, as seen in Party of One).

I read it, and I subverted it – ALL of them care about their friends. Fluttershy is not unique in this. Fluttershy doesn’t share Medic’s abilities at all. We’ve seen her show animal care skills, but not ’mad science’ ’super charged monkey heart’ type skills. Also? Medic’s healing is an unintended side-effect of his experiments; likely the ubers.

Since when does Twilight ’watch her friends from afar?’ You make her sound like a stalker. She actually tries to intervene unless she deems it unwise. Twilight is the go-to pony of her friends; Fluttershy is only the answer to pet troubles. Twilight Sparkle is the problem solver, last I saw, and Fluttershy was the animal care taker. Also? Twilight’s not only always in the front lines, she’s usually the one leading the charge while Fluttershy hangs back and tries to stay out of fighting.

So yeah, I still think you’re contradicting yourself. The way you describe Fluttershy and Twilight both makes Twilight sound near useless and Fluttershy sound like a super hero where as the reverse is true; Twilight is the spell-casting genius and Fluttershy is a timid critter-keeper.
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@Background Pony #3FE2

Sigh I was hoping for it not to come to this but you forced me.

first off, Snipers companion is an Owl and which animal Companion does Twilight have? an OWL not only that all though you bring up some good points let me ask you something, isn’t fluttershy even MORE psycotic like medic but ONLY when no animals love her? and isn’t it the CUTE ones who ALWAYS seem to be the most crazy?

Let me ask you something random background pony. I’m not equating pyrovision to Pinkie as you said although it may seem like it if you read what I put clearly you’ll see that I also stated that Pinkie and pyro love to "Bake" things when has fluttershy ever baked ANYTHING?! also just to add to this allow me to Clarify that in the Magic Duel episode Pinkie got her mouth taken away so all she could say was "mmmphh mpph mpph" sounds familiar? yeah Pyro has his/her/it’s voice muffled so take away Pinkie’s mouth and give her Pyro’s outfit then she’ll be ready to set things on fire.

second, going by personality here Applejack and Engineer are a perfect match due to the fact that they are both honest, both have country accents, both Hate people who violate what they like (applejack HATES lying and Engineer HATES his buildings getting destroyed).

and I see you haven’t read my comment on fluttershy on my last post by the looks of it you ONLY read the first part of it if you continued to read you’ll see that I clearily stated the Fluttershy cares about her friends well being and abilities just as medic cares about his teammates health they both make sense to be the healers. I also have another question, don’t they already have a Robot Fluttershy who’s the medic Class?

about the Sniper thing it’s as simple as that Twilight in the show is more concerned or her friends saftey like fluttershy BUT twilight carefully watches her friends from afar and assists when she feels needed where as Fluttershy though She tries to stay afar but she usually ends up in a mess which it’s her job to help quick-fix her friends when they are starting to lose motivation she’s just about AWAYS needed just like medic, you might say that Twilight does the same thing however she doesn’t usually go for the front lines she just about stays back and watches and acts when needed just like sniper when he’s on the look out for medics and other classes he’s watching from afar like Twilight and ONLY assisting when he feels needed (for Twilight’s case is if her friends are going psycho whereas for sniper it’s killing medics and other classes).

now if you think I’m Contradicting myself I’ll gladley answer in the nicest way possible why I see each of these ponies as the other class.

until then until you post keep head strong and re-read my comment

~ yours truly, Killerpokeball97
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Background Pony #2043
Wait, what? Since when was Applejack good with machines? Closest we get to seeing her build ANYTHING, she sings while the rest of her family does the work. And I don’t see how the accent thing matters when you consider Twilight doesn’t have an Australian accent, Fluttershy doesn’t have a German one, and so on. The cowboy hat thing I’ll give you, but seeing as how Fluttershy isn’t a mad scientist and Twilight isn’t a wilderness dwelling sniper-pony, I think that’s picking favorites more than making sense (Twilight calling Applejack an Egghead just seems wrong).

Fluttershy fits as Medic perfectly because animal companions…? Doesn’t EVERY class have those? In fact, I dare say the Medic has the least animal companions. And if Fluttershy cares for her friends, wouldn’t playing a class with a hallucinigenic state of mind that is ignorant to the destruction they cause and interprets it as joy kind of fit her? It’s the one class that is not aware they are doing wrong.

Pinkie Pie only fits Pyro better because people equate Pyrovision to Pinkie. Cute, convinient, but anypony can have their own, weird, dillusional world.

Twilight is Sniper cause they focus on one thing: friends. You say it yourself. So tell me, wouldn’t that make a healer/buffer a good role for her? Twilight concentrates on books… to read… that’s… a bit of a leap from focusing to shoot someone in the head, don’t you think?

There’s having different opinions and then there’s being a closed-and-narrow-minded individual who gets upset anytime anyone even considers different options.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Element of Generosity
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

any questions?

Yeah, two. For one, are you addressing me personally or the artist? And if the former, did you miss the ’from source’ I started with?

The artist wanted to mix things up. That’s cool with me. None of which pony is which class is set in stone, anyway. People are free to choose what they like, just as people are free to agree or disagree. I don’t play TF so I don’t care much either way. I just added the description so people would know the artist’s reasoning.

Of course, if you directed your comment at the artist to begin with, ignore the above.
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you SERIOUSLY didn’t think straight on the matches did you? for one thing Applejack and enginner Make sense because both have cowboy hats, both look efficient in machinery, and both have texas accents.

Next is Fluttershy she fits medic perfectly due to a number of reasons first she and medic have animal companions, second Fluttershy cares about the well being of her friends health and ablilities just like Medic is mostly concerned about his teammates losing all their health he NEEDS them to be healthy to win just like fluttershy wants wants her friends and woodland creatures to be in their best condition.

Pinkie pie fits better for Pyro because Mainly both Pinkie pie and Pyro have messed up Minds PLus Remember Pinkamena? who knows we could be very well just be seeing the show from Pinkie’s point of view which is like Pyroland when in Reality pinkie pie isn’t throwing parties she’s murdering everypony but she doesn’t even know it which in return means Pinkie and Pyro both have messed up minds, both LOVE to "Bake" things, one more thing since Pinkie is crazy in herself Pyro seems to be a Crazy Psycopath as well so it’s efficient as to WHY pinkie is Pyro.

One more thing! Twilight is sniper because both focus on one thing, both look out for their friends, both are polite when commrades are around, Twilight Concentrates on books just like Sniper concentrates on sniping Twilight becomes smarter and Sniper becomes more deadley which is why Twilight makes scence for sniper.

As much as I like to see derpy as the soldier it just doesn’t fit her Spike takes orders and is one of the only sane ones just like soldier, AND not to mention his manly dream form is perfect for soldiers fit and let’s not forget how spike is brave like soldier when he stands up to the Timberwolves.

any Questions?
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Background Pony #EB2
@Background Pony
Twilight and sniper Focus on one thing they like which is why they match perfectly Sniper focuses mainly on sniping and twilight focuses mainly on reading, and Rarity is spy because both are callous once in a while and both have a french accent (Rarity in general I believe is french herself despite she doesn’t have an accent)
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Background Pony #B839
Scout – YES
Soldier – Maybe sniff maybe…
Pyro – NO
Demoman – YES
Heavy – YES
Engineer – NO
Medic – NO
Sniper – NO
Spy – YES

Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, and Spy are good. But Pyro, Engineer, Medic, and Sniper are WRONG!!!
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Comments29 comments posted