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safe1750489 artist:tetrapony459 princess luna100785 alicorn232892 pony1010553 abuse8066 animated100819 begging998 caption22061 death threat136 desperation876 dialogue67940 dryer36 english1002 female1401851 funny4230 funny as hell506 humor1009 injured3385 insult387 irl71665 lunabuse159 mare502183 misspelling2497 offscreen character35729 photo81510 plushie24744 punishment908 solo focus17494 swearing763 threat417 threatening374 toy abuse147 vulgar21153 washing machine246 yelling3194


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I'm never upset to see myself brought back to this gif. Whenever I'm super pissed-off or just really depressed, this still gets a smile out of me.
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I'm the cutest blueberry
does anyone realize that dryers come with a tumblr no heat option… it just spins the turbine around to air fluff…