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Nightsnug Moon's Weaknesses include:

- Cuddles
- Snuggles
- Snoogles
- Kisses
- Massages
- Pets
- Pampers
- Compliments
- Rubs
- And especially tickling her soft, fluffy lil hooves.
suggestive129070 artist:caroo680 nightmare moon16124 princess luna94308 armor21785 blatant lies1195 bondage30587 clothes412949 costume24954 cushion514 cute180147 fetish35364 happy bondage641 helmet10015 hoof tickling706 hooves16412 horn ring5092 horn sleeve38 implied incest1471 implied lesbian3099 implied princest153 magic suppression3632 nightsnug moon5 pillow15654 roleplaying502 shipping185160 socks57241 strap54 straps657 striped socks19313 tickle fetish1534 tickling4232 underhoof47200


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9 comments posted
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Aww, little Luna has ticklish hoofsies, I have found the greatest weakness of the Princess of the Night! :D …now I must tease it another way, with lots and lots of hoofrubs. :)
Background Pony #07A3
She's lying, Look at how she is covering her pony tummy

that is her true ticklish weakness :)