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“Pranks” No need for Cookie zombies, just some straight up whipping heheh.
suggestive148487 artist:pabbley2324 rainbow dash238851 twilight sparkle306477 alicorn233271 pegasus310065 pony1012770 unicorn343318 28 pranks later975 abuse8080 crying44899 dashabuse785 dialogue68153 face down ass up8830 female1404086 grayscale39328 it's just a prank bro19 magic75505 magical bondage451 magical restraints11 mare503298 monochrome152394 open mouth154898 restrained1393 riding crop1855 shrunken pupils3389 simple background409981 spanking2780 twidom1130 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126300 white background102694


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Background Pony #19DB
…And then Dash let one rip so hard she did a Sonic Rainboom without wings. Poor Twilot, shoulda known about natural defence mechanisms of pegasi.
Background Pony #050E
Poor Dashie, but after some of those pranks she really deserves it.
Whip her good, Twi.
Background Pony #63E4
Pff, thinking that Dash can do anything until Twi lets her. She’s completely helpless to stop Twilight from inflicting any number of kinky punishments on her.