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explicit345926 artist:the-butch-x1499 pinkie pie214556 human152841 equestria girls197934 anatomically incorrect4109 belly button76448 big breasts80498 boots21414 breasts273330 busty pinkie pie10713 drool24459 female1347198 frontgina615 holding legs454 humanized99233 imminent sex6006 invisible push-up bra27 looking at you165439 nipples164452 nudity365136 on back24121 presenting23752 pubic hair7628 sexy28852 shoes only901 solo1052349 solo female177908 spread legs18760 spreading18574 the carpet matches the drapes8 vulva125835


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Background Pony #2FAE
Eww, kinda disgusting to imagine that though 😣

Well, a similar thing also happen in real life and it's known as a _ "queef" _ or more commonly "vaginal fart", caused by expulsion of excessive air from the inside after a prolonged sexual activity or following an orgasm. Once again, queefs are somewhat gross to hear

Anyways, you're right dude, "pop my balloon" is a perfect word to refer to fucking her hard, based on her personality
Background Pony #049F
Me: I'll be The gentle one, rock my world pinkie. Pinkie pie: lets get it on!!!!!!!!