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She suspected this before but to have it confirmed again and again isn’t pleasant. Luckily, she has company.
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@Background Pony #8AE9  
The bigger thing is that Twilight will now be Shining’s aunt as well as his sister, Meaning she trumps his familial authority instead of being slightly above her. Of course, this’d be a bigger thing if she wasn’t a regent princess, whereas he’s a king consort.
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@Background Pony #8AE9  
Wait, I messed up one thing. Cadance will actually just be Twilight’s plain old niece, no “in-law” required. And also Flurry Heart will be Twilight’s niece and grandniece at the same time, so that’s a little odd.
Background Pony #446D
Generally, in-law relationships are only considered to apply for one step. So if, for example, Shining Armour were to marry Applejack instead of Cadance, Apple Bloom and Big Mac would be his siblings-in-law, but not Twilight’s. Similarly, with Shining Armour marrying Cadance and Twilight marrying Luna, Celestia will be Twilight’s sister-in-law, but not her aunt-in-law. The only odd thing for Twilight is that Cadance will be both her sister- and niece-in-law.

@Masque Raccoon  
You’re right, I missed that fact. I didn’t realize that this series acknowledged that Luna was basically Twilight’s aunt through marriage, which makes the upcoming marriage all the weirder.
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It’s like when you became of that age and mom and dad are depicting if you would be placed at the grown up or kids table.
Multiply it by 10, and you’ll get this.
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is he alive?
The joke being that a certain type of crazy runs in the Twilight family. Night Light and Cadance are both married into the family, and consoling Luna about what lies ahead.