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As the uploader and commissioner, I just wanted to say I really appreciate the mostly positive feedback from you guys! I have not expected this to blow up so quickly and made sure to read all you had to say. While most comments were definitely a welcome sight, a few have raised some concern. I'd want to request on my and the artist's behalf to not edit the image. Considering the time, effort and funding that went into this little project, it simply wouldn't be fair to us.
safe1689666 artist:medli201 oc674116 oc only442736 oc:katya ironstead132 alicorn221277 genie1577 sphinx1885 adorasexy9600 alicorn oc26037 animated97710 belly dancer877 claws4990 cute197354 dancing8243 egyptian821 egyptian dance7 female1347607 frame by frame4007 gif30491 jewelry61980 loop5202 necklace18303 ocbetes5040 paws4786 perfect loop1351 sexy28875 shantae292 simple background387678 solo1052662 species swap19147 sphinx oc575 sphinxified138 tail wag1051 tail wiggle33 underpaw1557 white background96181


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Dreading Season 9
Was each frame drawn individually, or did they use a rigged puppet like the show does?

(I prefer the former method, as it's much truer to classic animation, and the latter method only looks good when done by the right hands.)
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This is the rubber hose style, popular during the 1930s. Very hypnotizing
Primal Moron
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@Dortigaunt the Invincible
I have two peices of music that would probably go well with this.

I got one myself to share as if this were a battle idle stance:

Amp it up
You're definitely not the only one that notice there were more anthropomorphic characters in the series, I wish they could've done more like in the first season of DBZ I noticed it more in the first season and from the original DB