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"while im sad now i can always find something good"
i found what i think is noots flower, a periwinkle.
safe (1503991) artist:nootaz (1572) oc (568064) oc only (386583) oc:nootaz (1005) pony (780953) unicorn (234458) blushing (164917) cute (163491) featured image (745) female (828233) floppy ears (43924) floral head wreath (1696) flower (20048) freckles (23011) mare (376240) night (21007) nootabetes (30) nootaz is trying to murder us (25) ocbetes (3835) periwinkle (flower) (3) raised hoof (35330) smiling (197929) solo (926495) tree (25366)


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Congrats Nootaz! You lil shitposter :D Thank you for eight months of cool images to share and post as reactions among friends.I'll continue to upvote everything!

You are getting better at drawing .Keep it up :)
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rero rero rero

Thank you for such kind words! I always want to make people happy and drawing is my true passion and what i want to do in life, i hope more people can follow being a nice member of the community and we can all share in the positivity of one another
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I've been banned 9 times
Nootaz is proof that you don't necessarily need to be the most technically polished artist to be popular. What really matters is that you're a nice person, and that your stuff is cute/funny in some way. That's why TJPones is popular. Art volume helps a lot as well. The more stuff out there, the more there is for people to find. If I could go back 20 years and do it all over, I'd realize that and maybe I wouldn't have ostracized myself from all of furry fandom and most of pony fandom. When you're a jerk, it doesn't matter how good an artist you are. When you don't draw more than once every few months, nobody is going to find your stuff. Nootaz has found that ideal combination that I wish I had years ago.