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Thank you Cyan so, so much for working on the vector of my submission, without you I wouldn’t have been able to have at time nothing.
safe1755220 artist:aureai133 artist:cyanlightning1034 oc713905 oc only466496 oc:aureai66 oc:azure lightning19 oc:mulberry leaves4 pegasus310833 pony1015173 2019 community collab808 derpibooru community collaboration3808 .svg available8474 absurd resolution67061 blushing205276 bow30093 chest fluff41429 clothes477374 cute206239 ear fluff31430 female1405947 flower26787 flower in hair8096 folded wings6657 happy32269 hoof fluff2009 hoof hold8668 lidded eyes31910 mare504275 ocbetes5683 plushie24806 raised eyebrow6705 raised hoof48604 rose4019 scarf23907 simple background410579 sitting65773 smiling262537 solo1097351 tail bow5828 transparent background209454 vector77962 wings123922


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I love that the two of you collaborated on this picture together. It’s nice to see friends make art with each other, especially when the end result looks really nice like this picture.