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Fan-Art sketch from a Second look at the Final season

|||| AWARE ||||

The Characters of My Little Pony and My Little Pony the Show belong to © Hasbro. Respect the Copyrights of it's owner.
safe1749707 artist:roda116 fluttershy217168 rainbow dash238503 rarity185533 pegasus308887 pony1009837 unicorn342009 season 91292 sparkle's seven1683 armor24451 armorarity106 blue eyes5714 blue mane1172 canterlot5869 canterlot castle2271 female1401215 flying39396 folded wings6527 green eyes4628 hallway966 hoof shoes5762 horn77462 looking at something2715 looking back60031 looking down9307 mare501845 multicolored hair5945 mural87 pillar359 pink eyes764 pink mane910 royal guard8084 royal guard armor950 royal guard rarity62 stained glass1221 trio9738 walking4935 window8914 wings122944 worried4027


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