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(Uploaded with permission, because I love roosters like him!)

Blank meme —

I already did one of these for Thorax/King Cinnamon Bun Hug Bug/Best Changeling, so here's one for another Friendship is Magic character I really love — Gallus/Bro Birb/Best Griffon.

I love the Student Six, and if I had to choose a favourite member, I'd have to choose Gallus. And he's also my favourite griffon character in the whole series, so that's another plus for him. If quite a bit of fanart of him didn't make it obvious he's one of my new favourite Friendship is Magic characters.

It's not just because he's the first one of the Student Six to have had enough of Puke Stain's rubbish in School Raze (but I will admit, him rightfully telling Cozy to shove it was not just one of my favourite moments in the season, but also possibly the whole SHOW — I was literally cheering when that bit happened in the episode — true, I wish he'd PUNCHED her to shut her up, myself, but the fact he was the first of them to clearly have had enough of being pushed around by this bullying little demonlord and yell at her right in the face was pretty cathartic for me — also, the fact he was the first one to notice she was untrustworthy gives him some good points too — if Cozy Glow ever encounters the Student Six again in Season 9, I can see a bit of a rivalry forming between Gallus and Cozy — as the two seemed to have a bit of a standoff of sorts there and he was the first one to step forward, so Cozy may be singling Gallus out for revenge ), but he's also probably received the best character development among the Student Six too.

He started off as brash and a bit rebellious, albeit seeming to have a longing to make friends (when he made puppy dog eyes to Grandpa Gruff ), but as he showed more sympathetic and likeable traits over the course of Season 8, being with his new friends and opening up to them about his past of being an orphan and wanting to stay in the school (that one scene in Hearth's Warming Club when he admitted this to his friends and admitted he was the one who caused the mess booted him up from a character I enjoyed to a character I ADORED, and he only got better from that point on, in my opinion ), I think he's easily grown the most out of the students, and I noticed in Season 9's Uprooted that he's taking Twilight's lessons to heart (when he remembers to make the permission slips in triplicate being an example ), and it seems he's becoming more engaging in his studies too.

And thanks to School Raze and the fact he seems similar to Twilight and Star Swirl in how he used to be antisocial or have a bad attitude before being with friends changed him and helped him grow, I still think he'll be the next Element of Magic (true, he doesn't have magic of his own, but with similarities between him and the past two Magic element bearers, and with how he seems to have grown the most, and that one bit of him appearing in the cut out faces of Twilight and Star Swirl seemed like a bit of foreshadowing for me , so that's my personal headcanon as to how he'll develop over Season 9.)

And I also think he also receives some of the best lines and hilariously snarky moments out of the Student Six too, so that also helps this guy's case.

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