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Aaaaah! My heart can’t take it! She’s just so adorable <3
safe1949618 artist:sollace784 fluttershy236107 pegasus396680 pony1299795 sweet and smoky1057 .svg available9436 belly35112 cute232564 daaaaaaaaaaaw5696 excited3540 female1582667 happy37760 hnnng2604 mare605950 puppy dog eyes864 show accurate22958 shyabetes16721 simple background492044 sitting77278 solo1248860 transparent background243841 vector83536 weapons-grade cute4243


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Background Pony #B134
Fluttershy: “Oh my goodness! I am so excited to meet the baby dragons! But they won’t come out till the eggs hatch. But I’m so excited!”