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main ships for my Heartverse~ just practicing
safe1576710 artist:snowballflo22 applejack158937 coco pommel5477 discord28712 fluttershy197914 pinkie pie203359 princess skystar1785 rainbow dash219497 rarity169816 soarin'13333 sunset shimmer57683 torque wrench221 twilight sparkle282902 alicorn195536 draconequus9035 earth pony199464 hippogriff8323 pegasus239959 pony846619 unicorn266667 my little pony: the movie17896 absurd resolution63970 apple wrench6 bandana4699 clothes409504 cutie mark40768 discoshy2502 draconequified319 eyes closed80292 female900266 flying34355 heart43198 horn43455 horns4699 interspecies20689 jewelry51018 lesbian92254 looking at each other16458 lying down9510 lying on top of someone271 male305860 mane six29466 mare416046 marshmallow coco253 necklace15274 nuzzling3749 pinkonequus25 pony pillow137 prone23349 regalia16328 scarf21132 shipping184155 simple background346064 sitting55054 skypie161 smiling215259 soarindash4573 species swap18334 spread wings47878 stallion92870 straight121767 sunsetsparkle4718 tail wrap5929 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115302 white background87218 wings76248 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2246


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Background Pony #D093
I love all of these ships.

I think that might be because DHX had zero involvement with the special. That and it may have very well been in production at the same time as Season 9.
Background Pony #D974
Discoshy is officially canon and im not sure why my post got deleted. Are admins trying to say something?
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Downvote Addict
I felt it was kind of a shame that not a single character from the rainbow town movie special thingy, ever came back to the show for season 9. I'm glad the fandom hasn't forgotten them.

@Background Pony #83C5
Haha, good one.