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"This is so embarrassing…" She muttered under her breath, feeling her cheeks blush a redder shade. It seemed like the more Rarity struggled, the more her immense gut and massive bum lodged her into place.

"Don't worry about it, Rarity. I'll help out of there… again." Applejack said as she placed down their leftovers.

Circling around and hopping in through the other side, she pressed her hands into Rarity's shoulder and hip, feeling her fingers sink into her fatty flesh. "Uh… Do be careful, Applejack." Rarity said as her cheek glowed an even brighter red.

"Well, maybe you can learn from this and take my advice next time. To call for a bigger vehicle like, I don't know… my family's truck perhaps?"

Rarity rolled her eyes as she lightly smiled. "Wow… Didn't think my rescue would come with a lecture."

Applejack blushed back. "Just hold still, will ya?
suggestive130689 artist:neongothic165 applejack161093 rarity172250 equestria girls184892 amplejack130 applefat512 bbw3993 belly25380 big belly9169 blushing179524 boots19462 clothes418881 dress40530 embarrassed10401 fat20345 female1271202 freckles25621 morbidly obese7088 obese10527 raritubby955 shoes31516 shorts12683 ssbbw1533 story included8185 stuck2352 thighs9399 thunder thighs7014 weight gain3744


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Rarity: Well, thanks for that Applejack, that was lovely. Wasn’t it? (Her belly growled a rumbly agreement) But, I must be going now. There’s a big dessert meal of cake and ice cream back home and I- (She then saw the tiny taxi door) Oh yeah. This obstacle.

Applejack: (sigh) D’you want me ya push?

Rarity: If you wouldn’t mind.

She opened the door, bent downwards and was soon in the same wedged position she was in earlier. This was the signal for Applejack to press her whole body against her huge flabby arms, belly and thighs.

Applejack: Sheesh! Your big body of fat is squishier than a waterbed on a warm July night.

Rarity: And is that a bad thing?

Applejack really had to think about her reply.

Applejack: Uhhh… no? Nope, hehe, uh, not at all. Uhh, HEAVE!

Rarity: Ouch! Easy now!

She pushed and pushed and pushed, until at last, she popped back inside and landed on her side. She groaned and grunted as she heaved herself back into a sitting position.

Rarity: Oof! You should really get your manager to invest in some bigger doors.

Applejack: Or, again, I could take ya in my truck?!

Rarity: Oh alright! I’ll think about it!
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Take this as a sign, Rarity. Give in to your imminent immobility now before you hurt yourself.