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safe1598471 artist:sugar morning1208 oc615567 oc only412053 oc:ame17 oc:midnight aegis43 oc:peach hack29 oc:sugar morning410 oc:twitchyylive67 bat pony43798 earth pony210150 pegasus251464 pony867847 :33970 :t3608 advertisement7867 animated93375 behaving like a cat1983 biting3387 biting wing3 blushing179574 chibi13230 clothes419002 commission56328 commission info1005 commission list6 commission price list3 commission prices21 couple4688 cute183250 cute little fangs1801 cutie mark42829 ear piercing22518 earring18527 eating8876 fangs22185 female1271438 floppy ears47009 food62962 frame by frame3728 gif28500 grooming295 heart43993 herbivore480 heterochromia4653 hoof hold7512 hoofy-kicks742 horses doing horse things1178 jacket11135 jewelry53855 lettuce131 male337903 mare431816 nom2912 oc x oc13529 ocbetes4341 on side6400 onomatopoeia3460 piercing36057 pink background2457 preening591 reference sheet10859 salad343 shipping186055 shirt21977 simple background353742 sitting56483 solo990934 spread wings48926 stallion95691 straight126096 text52620 weapons-grade cute3315 wings83824


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@Counter UAV
Artists' time is worth even more than this, honestly. I've seen furry artists ask $60 and up for a black and white and get it. You figure at least $10/hour for good quality work and if it takes an artist 3 hours, you're already up to 30 bucks. Younger artists often undercharge because they want to build a base of fans rather than alienate everyone by charging high prices.