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safe1586194 artist:sugar morning1198 oc608923 oc only409006 oc:ame17 oc:midnight aegis43 oc:peach hack29 oc:sugar morning406 oc:twitchyylive67 bat pony43188 earth pony205713 pegasus247189 pony856432 :33936 :t3587 advertisement7771 animated92881 behaving like a cat1964 biting3355 biting wing3 blushing177788 chibi13143 clothes414567 commission54944 commission info997 commission list6 commission price list3 commission prices20 couple4637 cute181190 cute little fangs1763 cutie mark42065 ear piercing22264 earring18381 eating8784 fangs21843 female1192842 floppy ears46538 food62177 frame by frame3677 gif28285 grooming293 heart43588 herbivore406 heterochromia4556 hoof hold7419 hoofy-kicks740 horses doing horse things1175 jacket11016 jewelry53069 lettuce129 male326186 mare426808 nom2899 oc x oc13357 ocbetes4275 on side6393 onomatopoeia3381 piercing35607 pink background2394 preening589 reference sheet10680 salad340 shipping184519 shirt21682 simple background349024 sitting55830 solo982310 spread wings48409 stallion94345 straight122300 text51973 weapons-grade cute3285 wings81293


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@Counter UAV
Artists' time is worth even more than this, honestly. I've seen furry artists ask $60 and up for a black and white and get it. You figure at least $10/hour for good quality work and if it takes an artist 3 hours, you're already up to 30 bucks. Younger artists often undercharge because they want to build a base of fans rather than alienate everyone by charging high prices.