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suggestive148350 artist:cabrony230 artist:pia-sama1757 nightmare rarity3042 rarity185540 spike80485 dragon58688 unicorn342051 anthro269429 abs11556 adult2580 adult spike1051 ass50872 bedroom eyes61340 big breasts85956 blushing204535 breasts288555 busty nightmare rarity670 busty rarity13382 butt65806 butt touch4323 digital art20135 dock52042 ethereal hair115 ethereal mane8453 ethereal tail451 female1401311 gigachad spike872 hand on butt2928 hand on shoulder358 lidded eyes31772 looking at you175558 looking down9308 looking up17127 lucky bastard1733 male387792 mare501888 nightmare rearity127 nightmare sparity107 nudity382154 older27786 older spike5510 pecs1336 rearity4752 self ponidox8342 shipping205613 smiling260716 sparity6834 spike gets all the rarities12 straight140275


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Background Pony #AF5A
Spike knows that balancing light and darkness is the best way to live your life.