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I’ve uploaded this just in case if nobody knew what “Chaos Spike” is…
safe1971763 gameloft6204 screencap263673 princess cadance36731 princess celestia105094 princess flurry heart8607 princess luna109266 spike87296 twilight sparkle332939 alicorn274474 dragon72196 pony1323625 official11991 the last problem7157 advertisement11076 armor27649 bat wings13975 chaos spike3 female1603449 male459882 mare618402 older34150 older flurry heart2222 older spike8014 older twilight2666 princess twilight 2.03226 spread wings75441 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138567 wings175109


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Background Pony #3380
Cause twilight is what’s between night and daybreak if I recall? Then again her evil form is midnight sparkle or something. Either way, the sisters symbolized it by fusing their crowns together to make hers
Background Pony #2E81
Is Chaos Spike now Cannon?
Because this spike is better than future spike.